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SRT – New brand

Turbo charger hoses SRT erhat Automotive in the light of its vision, using current technology, produces reliable, easily affordable and available products to exceed the expectations of customers, and give after sales service.

NRF – New brand

Radiators, Oil coolers, Condensors, Air coolers, Airconditioning, Dryers, Compressors, EGR Modules.

Kamoka – New brand

KAMOKA is a European brand of car parts that come from factories which provide their goods to car manufacturers as first fittings. KAMOKA car parts are manufactured in accordance with high standards and European norms, something which guarantees their high durability, safety and reliability.

OSRAM – New brand

Lighting solutions – lamps, light-emitting diodes (LED), luminaires, light management systems

RIW – New brand

Steering and suspension parts At its peak in the world with Quality RIW was established to operate in the automotive aftermarket industry. Broad range of products, high quality, competitive prices and customer oriented work today as a result of Turkey’s largest companies are among spare parts.